Our strengths

PRODINVEST aims to develop regular business with suppliers and customers by securing to both parties with quality control and post-sales support, efficient logistics and export/import documentation, commercial transparency and market consulting.


Offices of PRODINVEST accumulate and analyze tremendous volumes of market information coming from customers and suppliers from different continents. Continuous flow of information from variety of sources ranging from global players to regional and local partners allows PRODINVEST to understand dairy accompanyingmarkets on every level.

PRODINVEST is more than just international seller and buyer of dairy ingredients. Essential goal of PRODINVEST is to provide value added both for suppliers and customers.

PRODINVEST believes that dairy business is efficient only when it is regular and transparent for all parties. Therefore, PRODINVEST always shares market knowledge and information with partners to enable them to make better decisions.


Strategic advantage of PRODINVEST is high level of flexibility that is achieved by diversity of supply sources and sales channels.

PRODINVEST invests a lot of effort in selecting best of available sources of dairy ingredients from different continents and believes that providing the top level of quality control adds tremendous value to our customers. Significant trade volume along with reliable supply sources enable PRODINVEST to fulfill the diverse needs for dairy ingredients.


PRODINVEST distributes and supplies significant volume of dairy ingredients worldwide. Still policy of PRODINVEST is to be not just to be efficient seller and buyer, but to be Service Provider.

Apart for standard logistical functions PRODINVEST is providing import-export customs procedures, different warehouse options, distribution of all levels and JIT (just in time). Commercially PRODINVEST is providing different contracting possibilities (e.g. open book contracts, spot contracts, short, medium and long-term contracts).